Outdoors with Big Country — Ready for Fall Turkeys?

Western KY (10/25/2013) — If you're looking to give yourself a break from sitting in a deer stand and you would like to try Kentucky's Fall Shotgun Season out, you're just in time to get into the most challenging hunts in Kentucky!  

Fall turkeys are usually bunched up in small flocks of hens and small groups of gobblers.

This time of year the birds aren't as responsive to hen yelps and gobbling but on selective days depending on the weather, turkeys may be very vocal early of the morning right as they fly down from their roost! Hens can be busted up this time of year and called back together using the "Kee Kee Run" calling method. 

The key to get on birds this time of year is to scout from a distance with a good pair of binoculars and try to find where they head out to right after they fly down and set up in front of their travel route. All in all, this season in Kentucky, a hunter may take any bird with the Fall Turkey Tag. Hens make great table fare as well as a gobbler.

If you do venture out to try Fall Shotgun hunting remember to wear some orange like a hat, especially if you're packing out a bird that you have taken for your own safety! 

Good luck to all hunters and shoot straight!

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Randy Adams
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