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Send Kids to Camp

 WESTERN KY (7/11/12) – Hello again folks. I hope you’re having a blessed week! A am so thankful for the rain that we have received over the last few days.  I am praying for God to send us more in the near future.

My son, Ethan Scarbrough, is headed out to camp for the week.  It is a camp well-known throughout the Western Kentucky area. It’s called Camp Currie, located down in the Benton, KY area.

This camp is held throughout the summer with different counties going on different

 weeks.  I had to work, so my wife transported Ethan over to catch the bus.  She said there were about 90 children from our area going to spend the week at the camp.

Conservation officers help out during the camp, and with transportation.  We are fortunate to have two officers that will help in any way possible. All you have to do is give them a call. Their names are Brian Taylor and Marcus Bowling, both Hopkins County conservation officers.  

They are both very friendly unless you are breaking the law.  They will be visiting us this year at the Sportsmen for Christ Outdoor Outreach extravaganza on the 21st of July.  Feel free to ask them any questions.

Well folks, until next week, God bless and be safe.

Loman Scarbrough
Sportsmen for Christ

Fishing Tournaments are Going Strong!

Hello again folks! I hope you are having a blessed week.  The fish are really feeding right now with all this nice weather. 

March and April are the best two months out of the year to be fishing if you are looking to catch a trophy bass.  The females are full of eggs and they are huge!  The water temps have been rising and this means the fish are coming to feed in the shallows. 


This is a great time to throw that spinner bait up in the shallows.  It is also a great time to run a spinner bait through the lily pads as they start to pop up out of the water. 

We are heading toward the middle of March and fishing tournaments are being held every weekend on virtually every major lake.  If you are interested in fishing tournaments, or hosting a tournament, go to www.kydeptoffishandwildlife.com .  Every angler that plans on fishing tournaments uses this site.  It is also a great site to advertise your event.

My boat batteries are charging as we speak.  My son Dustin and his friend are fishing a High School tournament this weekend out of KY Dam Marina.  This tournament is set up for high school kids only.  I really think these boys have a chance to win this weekend.  Pray for good weather for us, as there is a 30% chance of rain.  All they can do is give it their best shot.

Until next week, God Bless you and be safe.   Wait, did you hear that? Was that a turkey gobbling over the hill?

Loman Scarbrough
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God’s Great Outdoors – Huge Bass in the Spring

Hello again, folks! I hope you are having a blessed week.

The weather is great and the fishing is hot this year.  If you are looking to land a trophy Bass, now is the time to get out and get them.  The fish have ate all winter long and are as fat as a big old dog tick.


This week, my good friend Blake Ainsworth headed out and caught some really nice Bass.  I know Blake has been fishing these warm days for about a month with great success.  Blake is an avid outdoorsman and you will always find him lingering around the woods.  You may see him duck hunting, deer hunting, Bass fishing, and I think he is a turkey hunter as well.  Blake is the prize winner of the Sportsmen for Christ 2011 Big Buck Contest.  I will be looking for him toward the top during our spring 2012 Turkey Contest as well.  Congrats, Blake, on your outdoor trophies.  God has blessed you over the years. 


Starting out, let me tell you what to be casting this fishing season.  The Alabama rig is the hottest thing on the market right now.  It will run about $25.00, beyond the price of the bait and hooks.  I bought a similar rig made by Yum over the weekend at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Paducah.  I paid $14.00 for the rig and $8.00 for the baits.  You can pick them up here in Madisonville at the Winding Creek Bait Shop over on Eastview.  Stop by and say hello to Barb and tell her that I sent you.  She has made several changes to the store for the 2012 fishing season.  She carries everything from hunting and fishing license to all the top gear.


The best part about it is the friendly service you always get when you go in and see everyone that runs the shop.


Get out this spring and catch that huge bass within the next two months.  Until next week, God bless and be safe.


Be sure and join us on April 28 for the Sportsmen for Christ Fishing Tournament.  It will be held at Lake Beshear from 6:30 AM until 2:00 PM.  See everyone for some fun and fellowship.  The cost is $40.00 per boat and $10.00 per person/big bass.

Also, check out the Sportsmen for Christ website at
http://www.wkoutdoors.com/sportsmen-for-christ.php .

Loman Scarbrough

God’s Great Outdoors