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Snakeman Jack

Snakeman Jack Graham is the founder and driving force behind WK Outdoors. His passion for the great outdoors of Kentucky led him to create WK Outdoors, an ongoing vital resource for local hunters, fishermen, and general outdoor adventurers.

Graham earned his somewhat unusual title of "Snakeman" from his constant attempts to catch live snakes, both poisonous and not, by hand.

Graham is the twin brother of another local outdoor enthusiast, J.L. Graham, the News Director for SurfKY News, Kentucky's premier online news service, and PR person for WK Outdoors. Jack is also a veteran outdoor columnist, having provided Kentucky outdoor content for a variety of news services.

Since moving to Kentucky from Australia, Graham has lived in and traveled to various locations across the U.S. in his passion for exploring every outdoor opportunity.

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Scott Graham is the cousin of WK Outdoors founder, Snakeman Jack. Wildcat Scott is located in Hardin County, Kentucky, but travels across the state on a variety of hunting and fishing adventures.

Wildcat Scott got his title from his history of embarking on adventures that some would say is wild, and others would go so far as to call them crazy.

If it's a hard place to fish, Scott will be there. If its hunting a dangerous prey that could attack back, Scott would be on it.  He climbs mountains, explores caves, and embarks upon one wild adventure after another.

Wildcat Scott is a man of many skills. His work includes concrete, home repair, farming, and serving as a tour guide for fishing expeditions.

You may contact Wildcat Scott via Snakeman Jess above.

Wildcat Scott Graham

Doug the Fish Doctor


Doctor Doug

Doctor Doug is one of the most avid fishermen you will ever meet. There are no fish that he won't go after, and no location that is too difficult to fish.

Doctor Doug is a retired soldier, having served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 

Doctor Doug serves as an assistant fishing guide for WK Outdoors and is constantly on the water in one location or another in Kentucky.