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Recently, Woods Bait Shop was featured in SurfKY News, a news service covering the entire state of Kentucky, with readers from around the globe.  See the article below. 


 Superstitious Fishermen in

Muhlenberg County, Kentucky

 MUHLENBERG COUNTY, KY (2/23/12) – One common thread among the majority of fishermen seems to be that they are highly superstitious.
Scott Allen, an avid Muhlenberg angler, has always used the same tackle box in his fishing. Of course, logic states that the tackle box would have no actual effect upon if the fish are biting or not. Nevertheless, Scott will not buy a new tackle box to replace his rough looking old beat-up box. When he first bought the box, he had a fantastic fishing trip, catching the largest Striped Bass he has ever landed.

His next trip was equally good, as he filled a stringer up with catfish. The third trip, however, he chose to take a smaller tackle box due to a long hike to his fishing spot. He didn’t catch a single fish. On the next trip, he reverted to his old box and caught one fish after another. Since then, he will not take a different tackle box fishing.
fishing2The same holds true, it seems, with yours truly. A few years ago, the fishing was horrible. I fished half the summer away and hardly caught anything. I bass-fished, crappie-fished, bluegill-fished, and cat-fished. It was a horrible fishing season. Then, one day I heard about a bait shop in Central City called Woods Bait Shop. On an early Saturday morning, I swung by there and bought a few dozen minnows. By the end of the day, I had a stringer full of bass, crappie, and bluegill. It was the best trip of the summer. The next day, I went by a local department store and got a bunch of nightcrawlers, as it was closer to where I lived. I didn’t catch a thing. The following weekend, I went back to Woods Bait Shop and got another couple of dozen nightcrawlers. I loaded the stringer down. Every photo you see in this article has fish caught from bait purchased at Woods Bait Shop.

So, with this in mind, I do have to admit that I am as superstitious as any fisherman. I will not buy my bait from any other shop. If I’m fishing in Muhlenberg, I hit Woods Bait Shop first. If I’m fishing at Kentucky Lake, I will still drive the extra few miles to get to Woods before I head towards the lake. I know that logic states that bait is bait, and it should not matter where you get it. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the majority of anglers in Muhlenberg that I have spoken with simply swear by Wood’s Bait shop. The fact that they serve some of the best coffee and home-cooked breakfast in town doesn’t hurt matters either.
So, should you believe in the superstitions of your fishing buddies? From my point of view, why not? What do you have to lose versus what you could gain? I’ll stick with my superstitious love of Wood’s Bait Shop and Scott Allen will always carry that same tackle box. If I’m right, then I will always have a fun-filled fishing trip after a trip to Woods. Scott will always have a great trip with his cracked beat-up old tackle box. If both of us are wrong, then we lose nothing by sticking to our superstitions.


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J.L. Graham
SurfKY News

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